Tuesday, May 22

Belated stashdown update 4

Yeah, the Mac has no hash key, and I can't remember the magic sequence to get it! And this should have been posted at the end of April! Double dammit!

I still seem to have 113 entries on Rav, despite buying a few more things last month. So no progress unfortunately, but then I haven't really been knitting much so it's hardly a surprise. Come to think of it, I did trade a skein of Colinette Lasso for a brooch this weekend, so the total is already one lower.

I did make a baby blanket on the Passap this weekend, which turned out ok apart from some dropped stitches (do NOT separate the beds under any circumstances! Whoops!) and a flatline near the end (if you turn too early the back bed pushers will flatline and wreck the pattern). It's still usable though and I'm sure baby won't care. Will post a photo soon.

Current mood: determined

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