Tuesday, July 3

Chimp work

Feeling a bit mojo-less at the moment - not sure why, maybe the continued miserable weather? Could have been worse, I guess - at least I was indoors during last week's flash floods. So am currently doing "chimp work" (term coined from "Hooked by crochet" by Mary Beth Temple, which is a very good read). "Chimp work" is brainless, doesn't require concentration work. At the moment, that means crocheting a baby blanket out of granny squares made from small oddments of yarn.

Have finished the bands on the Passap jacket but haven't felt like sewing them up yet - took 4 hours on Saturday to do two bands. Machine knitting's supposed to be speedy, but sometimes it can be back-breaking.

Had the annual eye test and it looks as if it might be time for surgery soon. Also had to have some fillings done. Feeling somewhat clapped-out at the moment, my body's leaving bit by bit! :/

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