Monday, July 16

Fibre East 2012 and a finished object

My friend M and I made a last-minute decision to go to Fibre East yesterday. It was an excellent day but it was very, very muddy inside the marquees - they'd had a deluge on Friday night. Luckily I was wearing walking boots and jeans. I bought a clutch purse which I immediately managed to drop in the mud (luckily I was planning on buying it anyway, but oh my butterfingers!). I picked up one skein of merino/nylon for dyeing from D T Craft and Design - the last thing I bought for dyeing got knitted into a jumper for the Cog when I ran out of yarn. Also picked up a nice heart-shapped shawl pin from Ruth and Belinda, and picked up some more free yarn from the Woolsack stand because they want even more cushions for the olympic athletes - the current batch have all been spoken for.

After lunch we headed back to Warwickshire (to Braunston) to catch up with the Wool Boat  where I picked up two balls of James C Brett Woodlander - a DK yarn with a slow colour repeat that I am going to knit into socks for the Cog and I.

Yarn diet? Erm.....

A picture of the "Gold Star" cardigan (MKM Dec 2011) as promised:

DSCN0414 Still awaiting a button closure, but otherwise done.

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