Sunday, August 26

Intermediate Crochet tutorials

I've been looking for a book that is the complete handbook of crochet - like the Montse Stanley handknitting book, but for crocheters. The MS book has about 20 different methods for casting on, the same for casting off etc - when most folks probably only know one or two methods.

So far I haven't found anything, so instead I'm collecting links to useful stuff online. I'm all about the crochet at the moment, it's so much easier!

These are all interesting techniques that aren't in most beginner's crochet books.

Future girl - foundation crochet

Foundation crochet from Carina's craftblog

Foundation single crochet

Foundation single crochet - double base chain method

Symbol charts here and here

Invisible fastening off

Keeping the seam straight when crocheting in the round

Crochet sphere calculator

Linked stitches

Linked turning chain

Crochet Liberation Front - useful videos

Videos from TXCr1cket - chainless starting stitches, conjoined dc, chainless foundation

Crochet Kim's youtube channel - tunisian and crochet

Base chain redo

Crochet cables

No-turning-chain trebles

Slip stitch crochet

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