Monday, December 31

Final FO roundup of 2012

Picture 142
Trio of reversible hats - didn't realise, but there's a typo in this pattern - the row count was 10 too short for the first half of the hat, hence the fold line being visible. I really like the bottom left hand one.

Picture 143
More adult bulky hats

Picture 144
Simple hat to use up leftovers - this is loosely based on the above pattern, but is a single thickness.

Picture 145
Slaved over this balaclava for himself - this was a test knit, based on the patterns here and here, but knitted on a standard machine - and himself now declares he wanted a slit not a face hole (the exact opposite of what he said!). Which would have been a whole lot easier than redesigning!! Grr!

Picture 146
Lilly wrap

There is another baby cardigan in the works, but I haven't finished sewing it up yet.

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