Thursday, February 14

It costs what...?!

I recently picked up a load of back issues of Inside Crochet (thankyou knittyfred) and Interweave Crochet. I have gone and fallen in love with the Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap from Interweave Crochet Fall 2011. It's made from a lovely American yarn that is a blend of alpaca, merino and bamboo. Alas, there's only one place to get it in the UK (Loop) and when I worked out the cost I nearly fainted - £176.25 for 15 skeins. I'm not saying it's not worth the money, it's just rather a lot to spend on a cardigan! Asides from all that, they've only got that amount in 2 colours, so it's not as if I can choose my colourway either.

So I've been casting around for alternatives - narrowed it down to Artesano 4ply merino, King Cole 4ply merino or Yeoman Sport at the moment - £76, £40 or £40 respectively. The latter two are coned yarns so I'd have extra to play with also. I'm wavering between a sky blue, a hot pink or a bright red. It would make a nice change from the greys and whites I've used lately.

Who said making your own garments saved money again?!

I'm trying very hard not to buy the yarn yet though, because I've still got two garments waiting in the wings. I've cast on "Strawberry Shortcake" from Inside Crochet vol 1 - I've restarted it once or twice already because I was so keen to crochet but couldn't guarantee tension with the duff fingernail until recently. However, I think I might restart it again because I suspect it's going to be a bit too short.

I've also got a bag full of Rico Tasai to work up. I picked up the pattern book at the same time, but I must admit, none of the patterns are inspiring me.

I also need to frog Rosedale - it's coming out too big and I think I might have a go at a top-down cardigan instead, using the gauge I'm currently getting.

Just discovered I have 15 projects hibernating on Ravelry. Oops!

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Ann said...

Agree that importing the Fiber Company Canopy is uneconomic. But the alpaca and bamboo in Canopy is what gives this garment such wonderful drape, especially in crochet. I would look for a yarn with at least 50% alpaca, bamboo, viscose/rayon, and/or silk.