Friday, April 19


I must admit, since my last dolly posting I may have gained a few more. Ebay is a strange and terrible thing, what can I say?!

Back row: Kay, Rosemary, Tammie, Jasmine, Princess, Penny, Mandy, Marie, Meredith (technically she is called Dawn but I didn't know that when I got her from a jumble sale), Clare, Britt, Paul
Front row seated: Kevin, Gary, Van (looking up Meredith's skirt). The seated fellas are wearing some rather tragic 70s dancing outfits, and Van is actually Dancing Van so he can't sit down without he looks left. Hence the weird pose.
Gail is a collector's item despite having inferior hair - she's the only one I don't have. Not that I am looking. I bought a reroot kit for Jasmine and Clare (Jasmine's hair is like one big lump and Clare is partly bald) but I haven't had the nerve or the time to make a start on it. 

Well, I failed to resist an Ellowynne Wilde doll (I blame beadknitter), this is Essential Amber. I was torn between the redhead and the brunette. I think the doll stand looks rather uncomfortable. I need to make her some clothes I think!


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Love your dolls. I have tons of Barbies that I have knitted clothes for! TFS

Unknown said...

I have 2 x 1960's - 70's Sindy dolls with the same era outfits. Great things are they !