Tuesday, April 2

FO: Crochet top

As I got nearer to the end of this, I realised I wasn't going to have enough yarn for the string of motifs along the bottom. So I dug out Edie Eckman's "Around the corner crochet borders" and modified #119 (leaving out the picots). Well, it was either that, or make it into a short-sleeved top just to have enough yarn.


I've done 80 rows on the body part of the top-down cardigan. Seems my fingertips can't cope though - my left indes finger seems to be peeling (yes, the one with the mashed fingernail). Did a few more rows on Blueberry Shortcake and cast on Doris Chan's "Outta Sight". The Easter weekend was mostly overcast and very cold (some snow still lying on the ground but mostly thawed) so apart from a quick jaunt to Coventry we didn't do much other than watch films.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Very pretty.

Tatiana said...


Cindy/KS said...

Very pretty! Although I would have personally opted for short sleeves regardless, but I'm not one that likes to wear long sleeves, so end up pushing them up on my arms if I have a top with long sleeves.

Slisen said...

Very lovely. Such a pretty color too.