Monday, May 20

Electronic downloads

Confused here. I would really like a (printed) copy of the Vogue Crochet special that came out on the 7th May. I've been unable to find it anywhere. Yes, I know I can download it electronically and view it on a tablet, but it's not the same. I can't understand the point of advertising a magazine if nobody can buy it! It's already cost me £3 in carparking... WHSmiths doesn't have it, Hobbycraft doesn't have it, and Hamilton News (where I can usually get Vogue Knitting) doesn't have it. I like to photocopy my patterns so I can scribble notes on them, easier than carrying the whole publication around.

Made another one-piece waterfall at the weekend; it felted quite a bit in the wash so I'm not sure who it'll fit, it certainly won't fit me. Trying to decide whether to add a peplum at the back or leave it as is. I also started a swirl baby blanket and got three wedges done. Had the laziest of weekends, casting on "Smoulder" in the Rowan colourscape chunky whilst watching films on Channel 5. I really need to up my exercise levels, I am turning into a couch potato. Also my left index knuckle has been hurting, I should really give the yarn crafts a rest for a bit.

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