Thursday, July 18


Feeling somewhat queasy today, probably too much high living and beer lately. Had a lovely few days in Bruges, where they are having a slightly cooler version of the UK's current heatwave, so no machine knitting to report. I've just turned the heel on the first "Bees and Blossoms" socks. It's supposed to be knitting on 2 circulars, and the heel is done from a provisional cast on. Seemed like unnecessary hassle to me, so I knit (knat?) a short-row toe on the machine and have done a plain short-row heel. Whether my circular needle denial is about to bite me in the bum, we shall see - next round I start the pattern. Leaving out beads and additional flower embellishments.

Discovered a small sewing shop that had a stash of sock wool so picked up two balls of Regia "In the mix" (so new, even Ravelry is surprised). I must have walked past this shop about 20 times in previous visits, and never spotted the yarn before. The other shop, just off the main square, didn't have a very good selection this time around.

I've been chomped on at least 12 times by the bitey beasties so am leaving a trail of aloe vera wherever I go. Supposed to be going to the gym tonight but I fancy a quiet night in, especially if the tum's going to be dodgy.

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