Thursday, September 26

FO: Askance cowl

Askance cowl in BFL. I have more of this yarn, but not sure there's enough for a matching hat... Yes, taking a picture of yourself in poor indoor lighting is never good, can't remember how to change the colour temperature in Paint Shop Pro right now. Major upgrade from XP to Windows 7 x64 at work and I think it's scrambled my brains, three major bits of software have gone up a version or two but everything feels different even though I know it's not. Makes me feel old!

Spent a lovely week in Alvor (Portugal). Didn't take many pictures, hoping the Cog's are somewhat better than mine. Had lovely weather, great food and drink, spent a fun day at a water park, gained some interesting tan lines. I didn't take any knitting (shock! horror!) because (a) it was too hot and (b) I don't like getting sand in my knitting, (c) I've learnt from experience there isn't really time and (d) there wasn't much space in my suitcase. We had an extra room so we had two balconies, but not quite enough furniture - I suspect some rearranging had been done. 

Done a few bits and bobs on the machines lately but nothing finished enough to photograph. Only reclaimed my knitting room this weekend as the living room is now pretty much complete, we are just waiting on the new curtains. Hope they are worth it! Hopefully normal knitting service will be resumed shortly...

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