Monday, October 7

Lotsa sox...

Blossoms and bees socks, I have not embellished them with a flower, I can't see who'd see it anyway? Hand-knit from Regia hand-dyed effect, finally got around to weaving the ends in.

Rather over-exposed, baby socks in DB magicolor - a quick machine knit from a recent MKM. Knitted flat, I think I'd be tempted to plug the figures into the penny sock pattern and do them that way in future.

This is what socks look like straight off the CSM...

...and this is them finished. An unknown yarn plus leftover Regia Kaffe Fassett, not quite fraternal as one ended up with a slightly different toe. Knitted on Imperia 72 cylinder CSM, T6 for the cylinder, T3 for the ribber, 46 rows for the foot which is *just* long enough for my size 7s.

I need to have a sort out, I have so many pairs of handknitted socks and unlike shop bought ones they live forever, pretty much. It's getting to the stage where the drawer won't shut properly. Definitely time for a cull.

As if that weren't enough socks, I cast on "Hopscotch" this weekend, another pattern from "Think outside the sox", with some hand-dyed sock yarn with tencel. Sparkly!

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