Tuesday, November 12

A commission for a friend...




Yes, I have cut my head off the first shot because I was talking and look really mean. Anyway, preserves an air of mystery, ya know?! This beautiful creation is a Bill King All-in-One knitted for Babylonglegs, dyer of lots of scrummy yarns - just looking at her shop makes me want to lick the monitor. Shouldn't have worn the navy and white top with the floofy sleeves today, doesn't really work, oh well, never mind! The bottom picture doesn't really do the colours justice, the perils of indoor/wintertime photography. The pattern is in MKM Nov 2012. 

The yarn is Denys Brunton Magicolor (alas, no longer available!) and it's been steam pressed for drape. I snagged a batch of this a few years back at Metropolitan and this happened to be a complete cone. I don't often do commissions - I don't mind for friends, but non-knitters seem surprised and annoyed when you ask for minimum wage x hrs x 2 + the cost of the yarn... funny that! I once made a pair of socks for an ex- work colleague who wasn't happy when I showed her the price of the yarn online (probably about £6-7 a ball). She got socks made from leftovers in the end, and I got a fiver for my trouble (machine-knitted foot, hand-knitted ribs). Non-knitting folks never want to pay much for stuff, they'd much rather compare it to slave labour garments made in China. So I usually knit stuff I like (or to learn a process/try out a yarn) and it goes into a bag for charity. Because it's not as if I really need more knitwear these days! Anyway, dismounting the soap box...

Been getting on with lots of Christmas knitting but cannot divulge it, of course, until after the 26th Dec. I'm almost done with the heel on the first Hopscotch sock. The sari silk bag is sulking on the stairs, I need to finish sewing it up and I keep forgetting. It might need lining, not decided yet. 

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