Tuesday, December 3

FO: Hands, feet and upsy-daisy

CSM handwarmers from leftovers. These are lovely and soft since I washed them.

Picture 043
CSM socks in Babylongleg's Rainbow Brite yarn. Haven't had chance to wear them yet as they were still wet when we left for a long weekend in Edinburgh.


A view of the "new" town, with the Christmas market in the foreground, and Waverley station on the far right. Had a lovely weekend, ate and drank too much, and my calves are aching from all the steps. Edinburgh is a very 3D city. Rock hard beds at the Novotel, alas, so lack of sleep spoilt things a little. Finally got to see part 2 of the Hunger Games films.

Accidentally posted some pics of xmas knitting here briefly, because apparently I can't tell the difference between 27/11/13 and 27/12/13. Hoping none of the recipients read my blog!

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