Monday, January 13

FO: Socks and bricks...

Now, that's not a post title you see very often...

Finally finished the Hopscotch socks (from Think Outside the Sox):

This time they match in length. Hoorah!

Now, I'm not normally one for knitting covers for things, but I've got these edging slabs, that are used as counterweights for my CSM. They are beige and they cause dust and last year at the CSM event? I put them to one side and left them at the venue. Luckily I had the keys and could pop back the next day. So I figured, a nice loud jacket for them would make them look nicer and make it less likely that I'd lose them again. When I told the Cog I was knitting covers for housebricks, I got "the look"! :)

I thought I'd calculated enough knitting to cover the red one, but had to knit two more rectangles for the ends. The black one I recalculated and made all of a piece. If you're going to knit something like this, it's worth marking stitches for making up afterwards. I kind of guessed. They won't win any beauty competitions, but they look a lot nicer than they did!

Manor House machine knitters did a workshop on knitted lace last week, so after the housebricks, I made a little lace swatch, and the machine behaved beautifully. Time I made that lacy cardigan I've been planning for ages...

I met a local lady on Saturday who had never used her KH950i for patterning, so I've been refreshing my knowledge of programming it. I discovered that my electronic eye isn't reading the mylars - it might need a clean, or it might have failed. It's not the end of the world, because I can use the PPD. I do wonder whether it ever worked - there's only one drawn pattern that came with it, and lots of blank mylars. I will ask around to see if it's fixable.

We had our first machine knitting meeting in the afternoon. It was well attended, and we had a good natter about all things machine knit. Next meeting is February 15th.

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Anonymous said...

I love the covers for the bricks, what an amazing idea you had. I have some weights I use to help hold up my vendor tent, now I am thinking.... huh they could use some beautification :-)