Tuesday, February 4

I see tinking...

Yes, I finished the orange shawl, but I'm not very happy with it.

I should have browsed other versions on Ravelry, because it's not really big enough, being only a shawlette or kerchief (in this picture it's propped on my office chair). So I suspect I need to tink back the 10 row border and add a few more repeats. Also I think I may have blocked it wrong - this is the shape I got, but I think the edge I made pointed (the cast on) is supposed to be the straight one? In which case, I can't see how it'll stretch enough.

Saturday T and I popped to Metropolitan to pick up a few things. Boy was it cold up there! I picked up a copy of Wendy Philip's Alphabets, a J Nelson book of celtic knot patterns and a book about fairisles suitable for suiting. T is a relation who is just starting to machine knit, so we needed to pick up some side racks for her machine, a Knitmaster 360. Also I picked up a few things for C, a friend from Manor House club, although couldn't get everything she wanted as they were sold out. Anyway, when we came back I'd said I'd give T a lesson on her machine, but that wasn't possible as daughter had taken over the dining room, so we came back to mine and made this hat on the SK860, it being the only Knitmaster machine I have up at the moment. There's actually a small cable on it because I thought it might be fun to demonstrate it.

I ordered three cones of Jura (a wool/nylon mix) from Texere for a secret project. It arrived yesterday - not quite the colours I thought, my monitor must be rather bright. Have started a test knit to see how it goes (there is a deadline). Think I might request a shade card if all goes well, as this is a very reasonable sock yarn in a nice range of colours.

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