Sunday, March 2

Rewind, restart, frustrate.

Well, the Crow prints shawl is back on the needles, after 11 tedious rows of tinking. No more slavishly following a pattern - if it looks too small, it probably is too small.

Also made inroads to the Quick Sweater pattern. I originally started it and added 8 stitches because I'm not sure I'll squeeze into a 42" chest, and decided to frog it after 7 rounds and follow this pattern, then try it for size in a few rounds.

So I do have at least two projects I can take to Holland this week.

I managed to win a card reader device and some software for my sewing/embroidery machine, also a DVD of designs. I've had some fun messing about with it and am now trying to think of things I can embroider. I did toy with the idea of secretly putting some funny logos onto the other half's underwear to see if he'd notice! :) Digitising seems a bit trickier - there doesn't seem to be an undo function and it's hard to delete something if you go wrong.

Had a go making a SWAN sock on the knitting machine today. Although I did swatch, I decided to follow the pattern. Came out with a very long sock and not enough instep to sew up the heel correctly - a very weird shape, and very disappointing when my time is limited. Maybe I'll try again next weekend (but I have to practice Bickford seaming, so maybe not).

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