Monday, March 10

Swan sock experiments

Just a quick post to prove I did get one decent SWAN sock (it needs a mate and this was oddments so it's unlikely to happen in the correct colourway!)

Also I may have accidentally added some Kauni EQ to my stash, thanks to Fibreclaire (I already have plans for this, if I can only get gauge!):

Had a lovely MK meeting on Saturday where we played with sewing up methods and I learnt the "Bickford" seam. Very cool! Took five attempts to finish the neck of a v-neck jumper yesterday (we spent most of the day in the Cotswolds because the weather was unseasonably nice!). Not sure I have enough yarn even for one short sleeve, let alone two! I'm so OVER this jumper already, and I'm not even finished. Maybe I should frog it now?! :/

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Lisa N. said...

Very nice colors for your sock! they suit each other very well :) have a great day!