Tuesday, March 25


Finally posting this, even though it's awful:

Yes, it really is that big and no, I'm not that shape. Hey ho. Just shows you that despite having already made a perfectly good sweater for himself out of this yarn, it just didn't want to behave a second time.

This weekend I have mostly been doing this, on a course at the Handweaver's Studio in London:

A bit further along - the green bit is actually double weave, ie it is a pocket and on the other side it's blue.

Had some help from the tutor to figure out how to make the blue stand out like that. It was brain-bending on a sunday. Foolishly I didn't take pictures of all the samples I made, hopefully I will have something to show soon. I'm down there again this weekend without himself so there's more room in the suitcase. I bet some yarn and books jump in.

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