Monday, April 21, 2014

Free pattern: Mid-gauge hat for premature baby

This is a conversion to midgauge of a free hat pattern I found here. I was given a load of oddments of DK and wanted a simple hat pattern to use it up, because the local knitting group (Ball of Yarn) are running a hat drive at the moment.

Charity hats

Machine: 6.5mm gauge with ribber (I used SK860)
Main Tension (MT): 6/6
Yarn: DK oddments

Cast on 62 sts in 2x2 rib.
Knit 34 rows in MT.
*Reduce tension by 1 dot, knit 2 rows.
Repeat from * until R46
Transfer every other needle to its neighbour, K1 row. Take off on waste yarn, leaving a tail of main yarn 3x the width of the knitting on the bed for sewing up.
Thread the yarn tail through the last row of main yarn, remove waste yarn, draw up the crown and sew. Mattress stitch the side seam until the last 2-3", then mattress stitch on the INSIDE so that the sewing up doesn't show when the brim is turned up. Weave in ends.

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