Monday, April 7

Nottingham MK Show

Well, I managed to make it to the Nottingham show this year - I made a family commitment I couldn't cancel last year which resulted in my being on the wrong side of the UK. The venue's not as big as the Harvey Haddon sports centre, but there were lots of lovely stalls nevertheless selling buttons, yarn, mk spares and showing some lovely samples.

This is a picture taken from Andeeknit's stall in the corner, so you can get an idea of size - it'd look bigger if it wasn't painted such a terrible colour I think! I got three sets of Brother mylars here, will be interesting to see if my naughty KH950i will read them or not. I managed to buy a second-hand copy of DAK 7 from Knits n' Bits, which had one "life" left - won't be able to use it for interactive knitting any time soon because (a) I have no cable (b) the PC it's installed on is in the wrong room and (c) I haven't read the instructions yet. I also picked up some sock yarn and some rainbow yarn (see below) just because. Oh, and a bracelet kit from Erica Thomson which looks like a DNA spiral but is actually a kumihimo braid in wire.

More photos from the show here.

Well, I just had to, didn't I? You know me and loud colours:

Also picked these up at the Handweaver's Studio the other week, again, because they're so pretty. No idea when/what I will use them with!

Managed to knit the back and one front of the mitred cardigan, and made a start on the second front. Finding time in front of the machine is very hard at the moment!

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mero lugaa said...

Wow, a show just for machine knitting? You are so lucky in the UK! I don't think that we have anything comparable in Germany. I have to buy my machine knitting supply via Internet. I am a bit envious. ;-)