Monday, June 30

Double knitting

After the successful double knitting workshop, I decided to make a piano scarf. This was the first attempt:


I later decided the one-stitch border looked messy, so this is what's currently on the needles:



Although it's already further than this - I already have almost an octave! :)

Does anyone know anything about adjusting lace carriages to work? Spent a frustrating few hours with a student trying to get lace out of her SK840. Well, if punk ever comes back, she's set.


Seems to me like the timing is out somehow. It often tried to transfer large groups of stitches at once.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Were you sure you were moving the carriage in the right direction? Did you check the sponge bar?

steel breeze said...

The machine's in excellent condition, and yes, we were going the right way. Seemed to want to transfer everything outside the cams.

Mary Anne Oger said...

what is your patterning source? if it is DAK,
that's what will happen....