Monday, July 28

Crafty weekend

Had a lovely crafty weekend, although spent 6 hours in the car across the two days. Saturday was a hen weekend jewellery workshop at the Makery in Bath - couldn't stay for the rest of the hen activities, alas. Made a lovely bracelet and earrings:


Finished up a few things last week and finally got pics:


Skew socks - they look a lot better on.

Was helping out on the Guild stand at Fibre East yesterday, and I may have just picked up some yarn:


I defy anyone to resist a yarn in the colourway "Whiff of unicorn"...


Fibre East was lovely though didn't spot many folks I recognised this year. Minor quibble - the postcode doesn't appear on the site, had to dig it out of my 'phone from last year. 

Incidentally, that's the same duvet cover background in every picture. Shows you how much flash can make a difference...

Also bought some replacement 4mm Knitpro tips, which means that the pair that have eluded me will now turn up somewhere.

Discovered the "new" sofa eats things - found quite a stash of craft articles underneath it last night.

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