Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Free pattern: Ribbed midgauge hat for adult


Machine: Midgauge
Tension: 5
Yarn: DK

CO 104 stitches in 2x2 rib*, and knit 70 rows. Add more rows here if you prefer a taller hat, this is enough to fit the head quite closely.
*Reduce tension by 1 dot, knit 2 rows. Repeat from * to R82
Transfer every stitch to its neighbour, and knit 1 row.
Break yarn leaving a long length and run through the live stitches. Draw up and sew the side seam, working from the opposite side for the last 3" (for the turn-up).

These two hats are slightly shorter, as I was determined to get two hats out of the yarn I had available. It was a 100g ball of King Cole Flash. I had thought the Cog and I could sport matching hats, but he does not have the head for short hats, he looks ridiculous in them.

*Knit 1 zigzag row, and 1 circular row only, before going into main rib. This produces a nicer selvedge.

For a chunky version of this hat, click here

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