Wednesday, October 15

Yarn Cafe Open Day

The head cold is fading somewhat, now it's mostly uncontrollable fits of coughing. I managed to preserve my voice enough to attend the Yarn Cafe Open day, where I had a stand promoting the Guild of Machine Knitters.

Had quite a lot of interest, including 3 children who thought it was the greatest fun to see how quickly it knitted. I took a large folder of swatches. The photos were taken when it calmed down a bit, it was really manic most of the time! We didn't knit anything, just messed about with the patterns, but the kids were delighted to take home the pieces. Hoping I enticed a few more people to the dark side!




Yes, I forgot to pack a tablecloth. The blue picnic rug lives in my car. One chap really admired it - but it wasn't for sale (I bought it at the national wool museum in Wales). I think I could have sold some of the garments too, although if I factored in time as well as yarn I expect they'b baulk at the price.

Sunday I went down to Ally Pally with H. I must be the only person who can go down to the UK's biggest yarn/crafts show, and only come back with two shirts and a hair comb. The yarns were lovely but I'm really trying to cut down. No, really. It's bad for my wallet. Started a sock on the train, with yarn which may have been a present last xmas. Or even the year before! I have lost track.

Yesterday I made another attempt at a red jumper (having unpicked the last one). This jumper is determined to be a pain - I programmed a skulls border, and stopped the pattern a row too early on the back. I was using partial rows to shape the shoulders, but forgot to knit a final "smoothing off" row (I forgot four times!), so dropped a stitch when joining the shoulder and had to rehang it. So far I have a front, back and neck (neckline needs casting off by hand). Hoping there's enough yarn for long sleeves.

Tomorrow is the weaving talk in Leicester. I'm as nervous as a cornered nun. Wish me luck!

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