Thursday, December 18

Black hole

I always promised myself I wouldn't do this, but yes, I'm in a knitter's black hole and it's going to be down to the wire if I finish said project before "the day". Started the project in July - if I wasn't keeping it out of sight, it would have been finished by now. Thought I was 18 rounds to the finish but have discovered this morning that I can't count (again!) and somehow thought 144 was half of 188 (yes, I know!) which means the five rounds I added this week were too early and will have to come back out. Thought it was looking a bit odd!

Yeah, this is why I usually machine knit stuff. Lesson learned. Someone may well be getting an IOU on the 25th.

So, there is knitting going on, but nothing I can share at the moment.

Current mood: annoyed

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