Monday, December 8

FO: more socks for the shop

Yes, not dead, just not online much lately!


Just some socks I finished recently - all done on the CSM. The blue-rainbow pair (left) are Colinette Jitterbug, which is really a bit too thick for the CSM. The rainbow and acid-colour ones (right) are Manos del Uruguay sock yarn I picked up at Fibre East. The red and white fairisle are my first ever pair of hybrid socks, ie the fairisle part was done on the KH950i at T4 (some swatching has been going on) and the foot part done on the CSM. I will have to type up some notes on how to do it - but basically you scrap your knitting off on waste yarn, then hang it on the CSM whilst putting all needles into hold. Remove the waste yarn and go straight into the heel.

They are all so nice I'm not sure I want to put them up in the shop, I want to wear them myself! Only the acid colour ones have been washed so far, so the others need that treatment too before I do the final photoshoot. If they don't sell I might gift them as xmas presents anyway.

Spent a fascinating half day learning about an industrial machine on Friday. See the next post, when I've had chance to unload the camera.

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