Thursday, January 15

Varier Balans

Well, I bought this little beauty for the knitting room, but it's ended up being my rehabilitation chair at work for the time being:



Yes, ignore the impromptu keyboard and mouse raiser - my desk is 710mm high and it's not quite high enough, haven't been able to source a keyboard raiser yet. I got it from the wonderful folks at "Back in action" - ultimately the plan is to get a better office chair for work, but that's when I get better. It might look like some bizarre medieval torture device, but it's actually really, really comfortable. The sciatica seems to have stopped, now it's just vague, deep muscle pain. Made a lot worse if I sit on a hard seat for a few hours. The chiropractor seems pleased with my progress, but it's early days yet and my right side is still too tender to sleep on, so sleep is not great at the moment.

Consequently, a very cheap version of this is gracing the knitting room - my version not having anywhere near as much padding, it was numbing my derriere to tears last week. So not much machine knitting to report. I frogged "Cable Guy" and there's a plain-ish jumper now just waiting for a photo shoot, I also finished up the Zen jacket, again, waiting for the weekend when there'll be some natural light. Started to concentrate on the cabled sock I started at Ally Pally, but had to frog it back as I've left it too late to start the heel.

Current mood: sore

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Brenda said...

You poor thing! I had a similar chair that I added more padding and new covering to so it looked great. My back loved it, my knees not so much. :( Ended up sending it to charity I think-can't quite remember whether it actually sold at my garage sales or went to Salvation Army....come to think of it, maybe it's still in the garage?

knittinbunny (aka Brenda)