Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Free pattern: Chunky adult hat in 2x2 rib


Machine: 9mm chunky machine
Yarn: Aran weight

Cast on 38L - 40R in 2x2 rib - knit zigzag row at T0/0, hang comb and weights
Set machine for circular and knit 1 row at T1
Cancel circular; Set tensions to 6/6, RC000
Knit 70 rows.
Transfer every other stitch to its neighbour and put the spare ones out of work (transferring all the ribber stitches to the main bed.
MT3 knit 1 row. Break yarn, leaving 3 times the width of the knitting for sewing up. Thread the yarn through the live stitches and take off machine. Draw up crown and put a few stitches in it. Sew side seam with mattress stitch, sewing from the other side for the last 6cm (for the brim).

For the midgauge version of this hat, click here

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Shelley said...

Thanks for this free pattern, it worked really well and fit beautifully! I used a Brother 230 with the ribber.