Monday, March 30

P-Lush Alpaca Futurity Show

We had an interesting two days running a Guild stand at this show (the "we" being Bob and myself). We didn't enrol any new people but we did encourage a few folks to get their machines out from under the bed and gave advice to a few people.


There was a large seating area done up like a garden and you could knit and crochet embellishments for this lady:


Alpacas, as far as the eye can see:


Yeah, there was a certain "sheepy" smell... apparently the carpet gets discarded after this event. Not surprised!

I did make some yarn purchases but haven't got around to unpacking yet. Was too shattered by the time I got back. The Ricoh staff got a bit jobsworthy when I tried to leave, apparently I wasn't supposed to leave until 6.15pm, but as I never got an exhibitors pack I didn't see why I should stick around (the event closed at 5pm).

More photos here

In other news, we took this cat on for a while, but it didn't work out:


He kept using the hallway as a toilet. I think he might have been abused. We are going to wait a bit longer before we try again, I think. The Cog was quite upset when he got back from returning him last night.

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