Tuesday, April 21

Blanket policy

Because I've got so much Stylecraft Special yarn left, and because I seem to be in blanket mode at the moment, I've started another crochet blanket, this time using Attic24's wave pattern. I did start with my own variant (forgetting to look up how I did it before) - 4 tr, 4 dec tr, 4 tr and 4 inc tr didn't quite seem to lie flat so I started it again last night. I might have to investigate various wave structures when this is done. Trying to achieve the perfect curve!

I've also knitted 13 squares in the Noro hearts blanket.

Eddie the cat is gradually warming to us, I think. He seems to love his ball racer toy (a ball trapped in a track) - quite cruel, because it's impossible to remove that ball. The Cog's mum saved some balls from roll on deodorants, and he quite likes playing with those, too. He's still very jumpy to loud noises and quick movements, and farts like a trooper (always the silent but deadly kind, too). Last night he somehow stepped in his own poo, and then walked it onto my trousers. Gee, thanks!

Current mood: uncomfortable - have had 7 stretching treatments, and could lie on my right side for the first time in months. Finally, some progress...

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