Monday, May 11

More socks

Some more socks, a commission for Rosie's Moments.


Himself was out all weekend doing up a flat he's bought a part share in, ready for new tenants. So I had the place to myself. Eddie the naughty cat went out about 11am on Saturday and didn't turn up 'til 5am Sunday morning (and he's very lucky I even heard him). Wonder where he got to? I feel I should get him a GPS tracker...

Got the loom warped up for next weekend's workshop. It was an exercise in how NOT to warp up - managed to break 4 warps before I was done. Oh well, luckily it's just a demo!

Made 28 out of the 42 heart blanket squares, so 60% ish done. Planning the next project (blue tunic) already.

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