Monday, June 22

Free pattern: All gauges easy ribbed hat

I already wrote midgauge and chunky versions of this, so figured I should complete the trio and add the standard gauge version.


In the picture, the red - green one in front is standard gauge and the other two are midgauge

Machine: Standard (midgauge : bulky)
MT = 4 or usual rib tension for yarn
Yarn: Oddments of 4ply (DK : aran)

Japanese version

Cast on 156 (108 : 78) stitches in 2x2 rib.
K 1 row, hang comb and weights
K 1 row circular. RC000
K 140 (96 : 70) rows MT
Transfer to EON on main bed; K 1 row
Break yarn, leaving length 2 x the width of the knitting
Thread through live stitches and take off.
Draw up thread, sew up top and mattress stitch the side seam, reversing this for the last 7 cm
Weave in ends.

Tip: I had trouble with dropped end stitches on the standard one, so use plenty of weight and be prepared to use the 7 hangers as you go.

Passap version (4ply yarn)

Handle up. Arrange 156 needles for 2x2 rib. Rack handle 1.5 turns so needles alternate, either fbfb or bfbf.
ss3.5/3.5, N/N, orange strippers, knit 1 row. Ss4.5/4.5 CX/CX, knit 1 row.
Rack 1.5 turns back to original position. RC000 ss 5.5/5.5
K 140 rows.
Transfer to EON on front bed.
ss6, black strippers, knit 1 row.

Finish as for Japanese version.

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