Tuesday, July 28

Fibre East 2015

It's a terrible thing to admit that yarn you've had for at least a year still hasn't told you what it wants to be! So I was determined to keep a tight grip on my purse at this year's Fibre East, not least because payday's not 'til Friday and the bank account is a little in the red this week. Oh well, I nearly succeeded!

I had an email from Pat on the Friday night to say the marquee was rather damp and to wear sensible shoes. Lynda brought trays so we could keep our belongings dry. Luckily I think the weather was better on the Saturday - when I spent an afternoon machine knitting a very oddly shaped jumper in the back garden. I'd volunteered to help out on the Guild stand for the Sunday, which had that dreadful grey mizzle that sets in for the day. Undeterred, plenty of folks were in shorts and sandals - it wasn't very warm, either! There were four marquees and three halls, all named after breeds of sheep, plus an area for competition entries.

I picked up some paper quills to fit my Glimakra shuttles, and an Ashford shuttle to fit the shuttles I bought last week from P&M Woolcraft. Very nicely made. Then I bought some mercerised cotton for weaving from My Fine Weaving Yarn (so much nicer to see the thickness in person!) and a shawl kit from Debonnaire. It has sequins, what can I say? Bumped into a few weavers but not many knitters that I knew, apart from the good folks of Yarn Cafe of course. A lovely event as always - can't wait for next year!

View from the stand:





Weaving in progress with new shuttle:

More pictures from Fibre East here - I daresay there'll be more on the Fibre East website soon too.

Still really enjoying the weaving. Finally onto the second cabled sock, everything else is on hiatus at the moment.

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Stella Jones said...

I've picked up this thread from Ravelry on the links to Fibre East. What a good idea! Yes we went on the Sunday and the weather was foul. We couldn't go on the Saturday due to other commitments so endured the heavy rain. What a fantastic show they put on. We enjoyed it immensely. So did you by the look of it.