Thursday, July 16


This was about where I got to by 10pm last night, started around 7pm.

I had to fix a few more threading errors, and a sleying error, but all in all it's been really interesting.


A bit of tabby in red, then a bit of 2x2 twill in yellow. It grows surprisingly fast.


Weather continues muggy with no breeze. I was weaving in my underwear by the end of the night! Between the sticks and the actual weaving there's about 7 rows of superchunky yarn, this was invaluable for showing up any threading errors. One of the pink warps broke so there's a replacement, weighted with a box of matches. You can't get 35mm film canisters in my house for love nor money!

Finally all the back stretching seems to be having an effect - I sat for a meal for 1.5 hours on Saturday night, and it didn't hurt when I got up. Maybe I'll be able to go to the cinema again soon!

Current mood: enthralled

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