Tuesday, August 18

Free pattern: Garter st chevron scarf


Yarn: Katia Art yarn, 2 balls.
Needles: 8mm
Multiple of 11 sts (I cast on 22 sts)

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Row 2: *K2tog, K2, Kfb in next 2 sts, K3, K2tog, rep from * to end.

Repeat until you run out of yarn. This could be worked in any suitable yarn. Hint - I put a stitch marker on the patterning side, because after a while I got fed up of having to keep finding the start to figure out which row I was on.

There's some handknitting been going on, and I did finish up a shawl on the knitting machine. It needs steaming, and I'm toying with the idea of a crocheted border. Got to admit, the weaving is just too tempting, and I haven't even figured out what to knit for my dream week project yet either. Only two weeks to go now. Nothing like a bit of pressure!

The back is a lot better. Now the left knee is playing up a bit. Maybe my gait is changing and using muscles differently?

Current mood: lethargic

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