Monday, August 10


I've been away, we had a lovely week away in St Malo. We stayed in a hotel "intra muros" - inside the old city wall. Think cobbled, narrow streets stuffed with little shops and pavement cafes. Lovely! Weather was pretty good, too - and we walked lots so I'm hoping I offset all of the good food. Tried my French out on various waiting staff with mixed results (deux vin rouge got us orange juice at one point). Also my first ever driving on the "wrong" side of the road. Dinky little attic room - only downside was noisy seagulls who like to get up earlier than I do!

I finished the cabled socks before we went away, they are just waiting weaving in and a photo. Took the blusa queen crochet with me, which has grown quite a bit. Slept badly last night - it's so humid!

Current mood: hot

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