Saturday, September 12

Dream week photos

We learnt flat seaming with Tony Bennett - as there wasn't much time, I did the knitting but let the other ladies have the samples. My partners very kindly held the samples flat for me!

Picture 232

Picture 233

I seem to be missing a picture of the interesting faux-knitweave technique we also learned.

No pictures of Tony's smashing designs - the pictures didn't come out great anyway (people's heads in the way) and anyway they are his copyright not mine.

Then there were some braids with Clair Crowston:

Picture 230

Picture 230

Plus a neckline:

Picture 228

The punk/mohican hat, expertly modelled here by the other half. Main hat made from my freebie ribbed hat pattern on the Passap, the mohican part made with the challenge yarn, a brown fun fur, made as a fringe and applied with the sew as you go technique. It didn't win, but it won me an Aussie pen! Yay!


I also may have accidentally on purpose bought some fluffy yarn for an upcoming workshop. Picked up a white fluffy one from Metropolitan, but then spotted a pale blue with green from Uppingham Yarns a few days later (something discontinued).

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