Tuesday, November 3

Bits and bobs

I have been really busy at work (and at home) lately, but there has been a few bits and bobs of knitting. I had some holiday to use up last week and managed to get a few things completed - I also took on a commission which I can't talk about just yet. Suffice to say that having a very short deadline, the machine gremlins were out in force, and everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong - mostly myself making schoolboy errors I'm afraid. It was certainly no time to try out a new-to-me yarn nor a new-to-me technique, although the technique I tried (later discarded) is an interesting one and worth another blog post I think. More on that later.

I knitted this jumper back in April 2013, but the cowl neck never sat properly so I'd never worn it. Whilst having a charity sort out, I realised I could just relatch / reknit the neck more to my taste.


I also knitted some ribbed CSM socks and had to recalculate the foot, not used this yarn for this pattern before. Colours are a little washed out in this shot, my camera isn't great - the day was overcast too.



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