Monday, December 21

Birmingham xmas market

I've always had a soft spot for Birmingham - I lived in Erdington for a bit, then later on Stechford. We visited a few times as kids on daytrips and would spend the whole day in the museum and art gallery. If it wasn't for the Cog and his job being 20 odd miles in the other direction, I'd probably live somewhere in Birmingham. I love the town centre, I love how vibrant and busy it feels - although I'd definitely want to live in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac, because cats, it would be lovely to have the town only a short bus ride away.

The Cog and I made our annual trip to the Birmingham German Xmas market today. Of course, by the time we got there it was almost lunchtime so first stop was the John Lewis cafe - very nice salmon salad. By the time we'd come back out of Grand Central, Birmingham's new shopping centre - still disorientated, we keep coming out by John Bright St and not where we think we are - it had started to rain, so we had a quick gluhwein in the shelter of one of the little bars. Then we split up to do some final xmas shopping - mine was for some smaller jeans and bras - weight loss is great but all of my jeans now need a belt to hold them up! A nice problem to have of course! :) We later agreed to meet at a bar where we were catching up with an old friend of mine, and as the sun had now come out I was inspired to take some shots. I was also partly inspired by my friend's wonderful blog Blossom and Sunshine - she has taken some smashing snaps of London and I feel I should try and nurture my inner photographer, even if it IS only armed with an old smartphone. Enjoy!


Looking up New St towards Victoria Square


Looking down New St towards the Bull Ring


This little bar is where we'd earlier sheltered to drink gluhwein. The windmill and the figures inside all rotate slowly. Love it!


This is Birmingham's cathedral, St Philips. Love the juxtaposition with the old style phonebook, and the light was just lovely here.

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