Wednesday, December 16

FO: Hats and gloves, reworked gloves pattern





In December, my thoughts always turn to knitting hats and gloves, even though this "winter" so far is about 10 degrees above normal temperatures, and so far I've only had to use the ice scraper on the car once. I dream of colder temps, so I can wear some of my knitwear. I've made lots of hats, yet never seem to have one for myself.

However, despite the mild, wet weather, I have still managed to pick up a nasty head cold which today has gone to my ears. So you'll have to speak up! Pardon?!

The hats are knitted on the SK860 midgauge from my all gauges pattern, the gloves are a reworked version of this pattern, to suit Noro Kureyon oddments I happened to have.

With 6mm needles, cast on 20 stitches.
Knit 22 rows garter stitch (k every row) (11 ridges).
Knit 13 stitches, turn.
K4, wrap and turn, k4, turn.
K8, wrap and turn, K8, turn.
K 2 rows over the 13 stitches.
K8, wrap and turn, K8, turn.
K4, wrap and turn, K4, turn.
K13 stitches.
K across all 20 stitches (this closes the thumb).
Knit a further 21 rows garter stitch (11 ridges).
Break yarn, leaving a yarn end 4x the width of the knitting for sewing up.

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