Monday, February 29

FO: CSM socks and child's raglan jumper

Finished socks

Child's jumper, using up some donated yarn that was a light DK acrylic

Working on the garter stitch edging for a simple round-necked jumper calculated with DAK. Hoping it'll come out hip length - that was the plan, anyway! Might reverse the sleeve knitting direction - haven't found a way to do that in DAK8 but it just means a bit of maths on my part :)

Also started another charity jumper, this one calculated in Knitware. I know Knit For Peace are desperate for adult jumpers and cardigans, but I don't have any adult-sized cones of yarn spare at the moment. This one will be brown with some fairisle. I'll have to think if I can do something with stripes next to use up some part cones.

Current mood: happy


Helen Fox said...

Rotate the piece you want to reverse in Designaknit Original and it will work the shapings for you.

steel breeze said...

Ah! Of course! We did it on the course, and that hadn't clicked with me. Many thanks! :)