Sunday, April 10


The title is from a Def Leppard song - actually I think it's about boxing - but hey I like it and it's a catchy tune. Well, I am an Aries ram, so will continue to craft as long as I have breath in my body (or unless told otherwise). Call it stubbornness, call it bloody-mindedness.. call it what you will.

This weekend I swapped the SK860 out for the KH260 (midgauge for chunky) - it was like saying hello to an old friend really. I cast on for "Lucy", a large cardigan/coatigan pattern from Karabee Designs in bold stripes of plum, grey and cream. So far I've done the back and one front. Can't wait to knit the rest (maybe Monday night?). No, I didn't both to swatch, naughty me - it's a one size pattern anyway and I presume it'll be an oversize hug of a cardigan. I hope so! Alas, Karabee doesn't seem to have a website, nor even an email address. I wonder if they've heard of Etsy?

I'm also working on my second commissioned machine-knit for my friend Y - another cardigan, but this time not such a long one. I've only enough yarn to knit the second sleeve so need to pick up more on Wednesday. I've been pleasantly surprised how well DK (in this case, Mercia Wools DK Merino Crepe) knits up on the standard gauge knitting machine at T7. I didn't swatch it on the midgauge, I think it would have been too loose even at T1.

I've not really resolved the RSI issue; other than just sewing up in small bursts and avoiding any hand-knitting or crochet completely, I don't see there's much more I can do. Did find some useful exercises on Youtube though - I need to find them again and practice. I'm wearing a splint on my left wrist at night, so at least being woken by a dead left hand has stopped.

I am debating turning my attention towards weaving/kumihimo/sewing/cross-stitch for a while. The first sewing project would be making myself some simple fingerless wrist tubes, to wear under the splints (I admit, I bought both wrist splints, but have only worn the right hand one once). The splints work just fine, but I find the velcro bites into the base of my thumb somewhat, so have been wrapping my wrist with a handkerchief first.

I've also still got a plan to weave a table runner - and this time I've got some lovely slinky mercerised cotton in mind for it.

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