Tuesday, May 3

FO (mostly): T-time


This is a T-time sweater from an old Kangamoo knits pattern. It'll go to the charity pile if I can figure out a way to tame those curling edges without having to resort to crochet. Doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I will know more about whether my "resting" is likely to be curing me. So far I don't think so! :(

Eddie managed to photo-bomb this, if you look at the very top of the photo. That's his tail!

Spent Sunday preparing a lace talk for thursday night's meeting, and most of yesterday morning trying to replace both inner tubes on my bike. Front refused to inflate, and had to wait until himself came home - after two hours, my patience was at an end and I was in danger of throwing something. Reassembly by the Cog fixed it. Thwarted by inanimate technology! Bah! But at least I can cross it off my to-do list. Now all I need is for it to stop raining so I can use it (no mudguards).

Current mood: energetic

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