Tuesday, June 14

Creative bits and bobs

Just because there's not much knitting going on, doesn't mean to say I'm not messing about with stuff.

Learning to use the sewing machine, I don't think I ever tried buttonholes with this one. Finally redid the embroidery with the right colour.


The cross-stitch is romping along:


Another tee top got knitted and sewn up:


Version two of the skirt is done, awaiting an "on me" modelling session:


And I finally tested the programmeable reader card on my sewing machine, and yes it does work - I think there should have been more colours in this, and I wasn't completely paying attention as I was half-watching the Great British Sewing Bee at the same time.


We said goodbye to one of our longest serving engineers yesterday as he had his birthday and retired (we're going out for a meal tomorrow night). I've never worked anywhere long enough where friends retired on me, it's rather depressing! He'll be much missed for his expertise and his always laid-back attitude - I could always pop downstairs for a natter and a chuckle. As our receptionist is also winding down her duties, this year will be doubly sad. I know things must move on, it's just going to feel weird for a while I guess.

Current mood: sad

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