Monday, July 25

Busy weekend

Well, I thought I'd better do something with the two half-hour shawls, and a poncho/shawl wasn't really doing it for me, so with the help of the sewing machine, I turned them into another skirt:


After a very hot nordic walk last week, I decided I needed a water bottle carrier of some sort - I made this one, but without the wadding:


And using up some leftover fabric made another shopping bag:


I've dabbled in a bit of handknitting lately, and the carpal tunnel seems to have cleared up a bit, so I've started the heel on the cable socks I started in March. I'm still plugging away at the cross-stitch, but keep making mistakes, I only hope I'm going to have enough thread to take the wastage from the mistakes into account!

Yesterday I drafted a shorts pattern from Lutterloh, hoping to make a toile this week of them. I've not had great results with trousers before, I think it can be quite tricky fitting them.

Current mood: happy

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