Sunday, July 3

FO: Sewing bag #2



Made a bag out of leftover fabric scraps. If you are wondering what happened to bag #1, it's a surprise for someone so I won't share it here just yet as I haven't decided when I'll give it. The large heart is filled in with satin stitch hearts. Like this bag enough that I might actually keep it for myself. It was supposed to be french seams down the side, but I did them in reverse by mistake. Oh well.

Himself is away in Austria this weekend, watching the Grand Prix. So I've turned the living/dining room into a sewing area. Well, there's nobody to complain about fabric scraps and thread on the carpet, or moan that the ironing board is up and in the way again. I'm hoping to cut out some more skirts and a top this week before he gets back, as cutting out is what takes all the floor space. Ordered a copy of the Lutterloh system, because it looks interesting. We shall see how it works out though! :)

This weekend I had free tickets to a "Stitching and Hobbycraft" show at the NEC - me, and the rest of the world I think. It was only half of a hall (the March show is two halls, with scrapbooking type crafts mostly in one hall, and textiles in the other - far less manic!). It was ok but way too crammed. I never understand why folks bring great big double pushchairs to such shows either - or perhaps the NEC should have spread the stands out a bit more! Every workshop was booked up within minutes (and we got there at 10:20am, so only 20 minutes into opening time) so although I picked up a few sewing things, the crush was off-putting. As I was mostly looking for yarn and fabric the selection wasn't massive (and with the latter, what was there was expensive). We found some floor to sit on (! the restaurant wasn't open) for lunch, and then as I had the rest of the day to kill I suggested to my friend B that we carried on into Birmingham town centre for a proper fabric crawl. B had never been to the Fancy Silk Store, nor Barry's - and there is at least one stall on Birmingham market that also does fabric. Managed to get the pins and a few other things I wanted on the market too, and didn't have to fight for attention. Could do with a clever device for threading the sewing machine needle, it's the one thing I struggle with. I also introduced her to "The Oasis" - Birmingham's eclectic fashion store which was a favourite back in my rock chick days. They still sell really cool rock/goth gear, lovely skirts and tie-dye stuff, so it's definitely worth a look.

Sunday I had my first ever committee meeting with the Guild - so despite the lovely weather (probably the first day this summer it didn't also rain) we were ensconced in a cold school room all day. Topped it off with a visit to a string concert in Rugby (part of the annual festival of culture) where I briefly caught up with an old friend.

And, can you resist a face that looks this cute? Doesn't stop him turning into a bag of claws when he's in the mood to play, though...


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