Sunday, July 17

FO: Summer skirt and Yarningham

I finished this skirt yesterday:

Picture 038

Picture 041

Pattern is from "Make your own clothes" which comes with some custom pattern drafting software. I didn't make a toile and I didn't quite get the waistband correct (I was supposed to trim it shorter so it was in line with the curve of the skirt, and I'd sewn it all up by the time I realised) - comes from not reading carefully as there are photos of some of the steps but not diagrams for EVERY step. Anyhoo, it's a lovely cotton Marimekko fabric I picked up in Finland and makes a nice summer skirt. Accidentally overlocked a small hole in it but it's patched and almost invisible :) Oops!

Yesterday morning, my friend B and I popped into Yarningham:



Lovely little event with lots of lovely yarn and a fab cafe to boot. I picked up some blocking mats - the Knitpicks interlocking kind, I need to throw out my mat, the backing is disintegrating and leaves a mess on the bed, a proper hem marking ruler and two lovely skeins of self-striping yarn, for a pair of matching socks. Restrained myself from getting more yarn than that, as the carpal tunnel seems determined to stay with me - plus some Yeoman's Grigna followed me home on Friday as it is. Yes, there might be a top to go with the skirt yet! Watch this space!

The knit skirt is also finished but awaiting a photo. Today the Cog and I are just pottering around the house catching up on odd jobs.

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