Monday, August 22

Ravellenic medals

Not a great haul this time around, I keep having to drag my mind away from dressmaking and towards knitting. The verdict on the carpal tunnel was "it's too mild, we won't operate, try wearing the splint at night for at least 8 weeks". So no handicrafts to be done, unless I can figure out a way of handknitting or crocheting in a different manner. Sigh.







And one that Selvedge kindly designed for the machine knitters:


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Becca said...

I am a crafter with carpal tunnel, too... for about 15 years now. To put it bluntly, it does indeed "bite the big one" but here's some tips I've found that maybe you haven't tried yet - mostly to do with hand work because that's what I do most:
Yes, rest. Sadly.
Knit only during commercials if you work while you watch TV.
Switch to crocheting (although in my case that's a bit worse for me).
Try portuguese-style hand knitting. That helped me a lot - do one project that way, then another in your regular chosen method. Or if you're a thrower, try picking... and viceversa.
Pre-game! Ice and your pain reliever of choice before you start.
Get a knitting machine because it's pushing the lever instead of using your fingers... oh, wait. ;)
Therapy does help - I've been through a few rounds of physical therapy.
And lastly: change the way you do other things. Don't push open doors flat handed - use your arm (like when you see a surgeon after they've washed their hands on tv). Carry bags looped over your arm instead of in your hands. Don't lift huge stacks of plates up to the cabinet... etc. That's the biggest thing for me.
Good luck! I love lurking on the blog and seeing the posts so hopefully you feel better soon!