Wednesday, September 21

Not only but almost...

...with apologies to whomever I stole that title from and mangled. Think it was a comedy thing?

Well, we finished up the painting last week, and Sunday was spent getting some new shelving up and getting some items into the attic and general reorganisation. It's not finished yet - I didn't realise just quite how much stuff I'd accumulated in the last twelve or so years, so two more 4x1 shelves will be required, hopefully to contain "bins" for smaller items such as WIPs, oddments of yarn, sewing stuff which is currently in the living room. But I'm really pleased with it!

Didn't, alas, account for how much space a stack of six knitting machines take up (and there's a punchcard, plus its ribber, still in the garage, my "workshop" machine). Tried to explain to the Cog why I need all of them last night. It sounded somewhat lame! He seemed happy enough as long as they are all out of his way. So I am thinking maybe I only have the room to put up ONE Japanese machine, now, not the two I've had set up. So then of course, the next question is, which one do I choose?!


Ordered this folding table from Amazon, 3 heights although this is the highest at 74cm and I can't imagine I'll ever require a crafting coffee table! Nice and light though, could easily take it camping (which is what it is sold for).

The yarn and fabric stash (most of it in shot, ha!)

Yeah, I'm an addict. Was going to be one tall pile until I realised it might well fall down and kill me, if it didn't bring down the floor first - that is NOT a supporting wall!

The Passap and hifi corner. Yes, I still have the hifi I bought at uni in 94-95. Tape deck is still functional too I think! No DAB or AUX IN but otherwise a great little hifi!

I did a little bit of sewing last night on my new table, just to try it out, and it's sturdy enough I think. Might turn it around though as there's a strap that hangs down at the front and I'd rather hide that at the back. I made a rather rough drawstring bag from a scrap of fabric. Didn't think about construction order, so the drawstring casing ends are raw, need to pink them I think. Oops. Oh well, it is just for my wonderclips so it doesn't really matter.

The Cog is just pleased that the landing is now 30cm wider again, it's been the home for a spare machine and ribber for too long now. I do need to source some new curtains, I must have washed the current ones (a white jacquard fabric) because they have shrunk by a good 5cm. Alas so far I've been unable to source any ready-made ones with a 120cm drop. I will keep looking!

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Helen Fox said...

Looks amazing. Your creations will be rolling off the production line now !